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A substantial period of life after reproduction ends, known as postreproductive lifespan PRLSis at odds with classical life history theory and its causes and mechanisms have puzzled evolutionary biologists for decades. Prolonged PRLS has been confirmed in only two non-human mammals, both odontocete cetaceans in the family Delphinidae. We investigate the evidence for PRLS in a third species, the false killer whale, Pseudorca crassidensusing a quantitative measure of PRLS and morphological evidence from reproductive tissues.

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Male whales are mature between 7 and 10 years of age. For females maturity occurs about 5 to 7 years of age. A female that is mature will generally have a new calf every 2 or 3 years.

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The bowhead whale Balaena mysticetus is a species of baleen whale belonging to the family Balaenidae and the only representative of the genus Balaena. The bowhead is the only baleen whale endemic to the Arctic and sub-arctic waters. The species is named after its characteristic massive triangular skull, which is used to break through Arctic ice.

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Scientists have developed the first DNA-based test for estimating the age of humpback whales, based on recent advances in human medicine. The non-lethal test looks at age-related changes in the DNA of skin samples that can be collected from live whales using biopsy darts. This process alters the expression of genes. We then developed an assay using three of the most informative methylated genes, which estimates age with a high level of precision.

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It is difficult to imagine the size of the blue whale, the largest animal inhabiting the earth. They are about the length of three school buses and the heart alone is the size of a small car. There are records of individuals over feet

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Whales are remarkably diverse creatures with baleen whales and toothed whales experiencing very different life histories. Life cycles can vary quite dramatically species to species, but roughly divided, most life cycles can be split into the three stages of baby, adolescent and adult. The duration of each stage varies substantially according to the species — and there are even species we know very little about!

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The use of baleen, ear plugs, and ovaries in the determination of age in humpback whales is described. From the evidence of baleen, the majority of humpback whales reach puberty at 4 or 5 years of age. The rate of accumulation of laminations in ear plugs is two laminations per year.

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Adult killer whales give birth to a single baby only once were twins recorded about every years. They start breeding at about years of age the youngest known was only Gestation is months.

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All rights reserved. Kidding aside, humans these days live pretty long lives: The average global life expectancy of someone born in is Talk about speed dating.

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Age is a fundamental aspect of animal ecology, but is difficult to determine in many species. Current methods for estimating humpback age cannot be applied to all individuals and populations. Assays for human age have recently been developed based on age-induced changes in DNA methylation of specific genes.


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