Atlatl armor penetration

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We came across this definition of atlatl in an online dictionary the other day. The dictionary lists the origin of the word atlatl from the Nahuatl language but then says its first know use was I have hunted a lot of times with atlatls.

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At the end of the last Ice Age, in what is now western Montana, a woolly mammoth followed a path to the river that would one day be called the Missouri. The mammoth was a lone bull, and his huge curving tusks grazed the sedge covering the mountain-fringed valley. With a flick of his trunk he sampled the breeze and snorted at the unfamiliar smell mixed with the aroma of water.

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How To Make A Mess Turbine engine. Wooden "Hobbit" Tankard.

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Figure One - 2. John Branney Collection. The finger bone's connected to the hand bone, The hand bone's connected to the arm bone, The arm bone's connected to the shoulder bone, Now shake dem skeleton bones!

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There are no firearms, no guns, no steel knives. How are you going to hunt something to eat? You want something big, and, therefore strong, and fierce and fearless.

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Sioux Indian bow and arrows. Blackfoot WWII veteran demonstrating a war bow. Actor Wes Studi firing a shortbow from horseback. Brazilian Indian man bow-fishing.

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TO 3, B. This article illustrates and describes a complete atlatl spear thrower assembly that was found several years ago in Davis County, Indiana. Complete atlatls, less the wooden shafts, have been found in North America but they are fairly rare.

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There have been hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of weapons throughout the history of warfare, but only a select few have been able to really stand out or change the playing field completely. This series is to display some of these weapons in terms of their innovation, functionality, and superiority to other weapons of the time. Ranging from roughly 7, years ago to today, these are only a drip in the puddle of some truly respectable weapons.


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