Blood in the sperm

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Blood in the semen is called hematospermia. It may be in amounts too small to be seen except with a microscope, or it may be visible in the ejaculation fluid. Most of the time, blood in the semen is caused by swelling or infection of the prostate or seminal vesicles.

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Seeing blood in your semen can be startling. The amount of blood in your semen can vary from a small drop to enough to give your semen the look of blood. How much blood is in your semen will depend on the cause of your bleeding.

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Back to Health A to Z. It's unusual to find blood in your semen when you ejaculate, but try not to worry. It's usually only temporary and the cause is rarely anything serious.

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Semen consists of sperm and fluids released by the prostate and other glands. The fluids, also called ejaculate, join the sperm as they pass through a series of tubes to the urethra for ejaculation. A number of things can break blood vessels along this route or along the urinary route to the urethra.

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Hematospermia also called hemospermia is the presence of blood in the semen. Hematospermia may naturally cause concern for men who experience it. However, it is not likely to be a sign of a major health problem.

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Blood in semen called hematospermia, because sperm are mixed with blood in the semen can be a frightening symptom, but it is usually not a sign of a serious problem. Blood in semen is not usually a sign of cancer and does not affect sexual function. Semen is composed of sperm from the epididymis and fluids from the seminal vesicles, prostate, and small mucous glands that provide fluids to nourish sperm.

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By Dr George Lee. I am a year-old man and six months ago, I noticed blood in my ejaculate. From what I recalled, it was just ordinary intimacy I had with my wife, and I noticed fresh blood in the condom during two occasions.

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Hematospermia is the word used to describe the presence of blood in the semen. Blood in the semen is actually a fairly common condition. The reproductive system begins with the testicles that are located in the scrotum. The testicles make sperm that is then transported into a collection of tubes in back of the testicle called the epididymis.

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As part of BAUS membership, registered members may join Urolink and up to three other sections which are relevant to their particular areas of practice. Membership of BAUS is open to any medical practitioner in urological practice interested in promoting the objects or the organisation. NOTE: Some of the information provided contains graphic, medical images which individuals may find upsetting.

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Hematospermia or hemospermia is defined as the presence of blood in ejaculate. It often invokes considerable anxiety and is frightening for the patient. Mostly, it is due to infectious causes and regarded as a benign and self—limiting condition particularly in younger patients.


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