How much sleep do adults need

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Each one of us has a unique sleep requirement. Our sleep need depends upon genetic and physiological factors and also varies by age, sex, and previous sleep amounts. However, a simple definition of sufficient sleep is a sleep duration that is followed by a spontaneous awakening and leaves one feeling refreshed and alert for the day.

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This is unfortunate because good sleep is just as vital to good health as eating healthy foods or getting enough exercise. Read on to learn why sleep is so important to your health and how much you should be getting each night. Sleep is more than just a time for your body and mind to rest.

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No, seriously, exactly how many hours are required for me to be fully functioning but also not spend my whole life in bed? Maybe this thought arises as you start yet another true crime documentary when you should already be sleeping. Or perhaps you always want an afternoon nap even though you regularly clock eight hours.

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But how do you determine the number of hours of recommended sleep for you specifically? There are a few different strategies and some general guidelines for how much sleep is needed by age. Sleep calculators are free, widely available onlineand can help you plan for your optimal bedtime.

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There are five stages of sleep that rotate between non-rapid eye movement NREM and rapid eye movement REM and include drowsiness, light sleep, moderate to deep sleep, deepest sleep, and dreaming. Sleep stages 1, 2 and REM consist of light sleep, while 3 and 4 comprise deep sleep. During stage 1, you drift from being awake to being asleep.

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It is well known that as children get older they need less sleep. Different people have different sleep needs. The advice in the table below is only a guide.

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Some people may need more sleep and others less, and our needs may actually change through the years. Thus, the oft-recited advice that every person needs exactly 8 hours of sleep a night is a myth. Everyone has a sleep need that is likely determined by genesor genetic information.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. As part of Dan's goodbye talk, he reminded us of the work that he had been doing in the area of sleep duration and that sleep is extraordinarily complex and multifactorial. This blog needs to be seen only as a way to introduce the notion of sleep duration to readers, challenge some of the thoroughly ingrained views about how much sleep a person really needs, and suggests how much we sleep is related to both health and mortality.

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By Caroline Williams. Nobody seems to know where this number came from. In questionnaires, people tend to say they sleep for between 7 and 9 hours a night, which might explain why 8 hours has become a rule of thumb.

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Video production in partnership with. Well, there's unfortunately no one-size-fits-all number. It depends on your genes, how healthy you are, and how active you are during the day, among other factors.


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