Lost condom sex stories

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Sometimes, a condom can fall off during sex and get stuck inside the body. This happens rarely and is not a cause for panic. When it does happen, the condom usually can be removed relatively easily if you know how.

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It was two days before Poppy Coleman realised what had happened — leaving her just hours to do these crucial things. Contraception doesn't always work. Photo: Getty Source:Whimn.

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Condoms are, as a premise, ridiculous. That we roll squeaky polyurethane, latex, or lambskin sheaths over erect penises, while maintaining arousal, is a feat in itself. And while there are plenty of other contraceptive methods out there, we can largely agree that condoms represent a relatively easy way to steer clear of diseased genitals or unwanted babies who grow up to sap away your lifeblood and cash. They're otherwise prone to ripping, sliding off, or sort of bursting, especially when not put on properly.

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Jump to navigation. Having sex for the first time, or losing your virginity, is an important life event for many people. Deciding if you are ready to have sex for the first time is very personal.

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The internet is a wonderful place, isn't it? Something for everyone. Reminding us, mainly, of the excruciating moment we had to pretend we knew what the bloody hell was going on down there, it certainly makes for some great entertainment.

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The day my condom went missing I had been down the beach most of the day with my mates. I was driving home to have something to eat when I saw these two girls walking along. I sounded my horn a couple of times and they both turned and waved.

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So you had a nice sex sesh, finished up, and then realised that somehow the condom your partner used managed to slip off and get wedged inside. First off, remain calm. This is good advice in general, but it does actually serve a purpose beyond making you feel less frazzled. If you find yourself in a mad rush of panic, take a break from thinking about the condom debacle entirely and come back to it in a bit.

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So he rips off the condom and ejaculates. Two minutes later I start to get uncomfortable — both downstairs, and up top. Guess who's allergic to latex?

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Now the fun really begins. When a friend recently told me she peed out a condomI had many questions. How long had it been stuck inside her? A few days.


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