Breast cancer caused by

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Skip to Content. Use the menu to see other pages. Although risk factors often influence the development of cancer, most do not directly cause cancer.

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Cells in the body normally divide reproduce only when new cells are needed. Sometimes, cells in a part of the body grow and divide out of control, which creates a mass of tissue called a tumor. If the cells that are growing out of control are normal cells, the tumor is called benign not cancerous.

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Did you know that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime? But no one knows the exact causes of breast cancer. A risk factor is something that may increase the chance of getting a disease.

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Each year, more thanAmerican women and men are diagnosed with breast cancer. No one knows if or when breast cancer will develop, but understanding the risk factors for breast cancer may help you take preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of developing the disease. Breast cancer is caused when the DNA in breast cells mutate or change, disabling specific functions that control cell growth and division.

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Cancer occurs when changes called mutations take place in genes that regulate cell growth. The mutations let the cells divide and multiply in an uncontrolled way. Breast cancer is cancer that develops in breast cells.

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Identifying which environmental factors may increase the chance of developing breast cancer is the first step in figuring out how to avoid them. It is the second most common cancer among U. But men can also develop the disease.

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Studies have shown that your risk for breast cancer is due to a combination of factors. The main factors that influence your risk include being a woman and getting older. Most breast cancers are found in women who are 50 years old or older.

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Changes or mutations in DNA can cause normal breast cells to become cancer. Certain DNA changes are passed on from parents inherited and can greatly increase your risk for breast cancer. Hormones seem to play a role in many cases of breast cancer, but just how this happens is not fully understood.

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What causes breast cancer? Age 3. Lifestyle 5.

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Back to Breast cancer in women. The causes of breast cancer aren't fully understood, making it difficult to say why one woman may develop breast cancer and another may not. Some of these you cannot do anything about, but there are some you can change. The risk of developing breast cancer increases with age.


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