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At some point soon it seems this will also mean goodbye to secular romance novels in general. In lateafter the Sandy Hook shooting, I turned to God for answers as did many others. Quick background: I was born and raised Jewish and was even practicing Orthodox Judaism for a few years around the time I met my husband in

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Just because I'm giving them away for free doesn't give anyone any kind of ownership or rights to them. Beyond just being a great way to sponsor me in order to keep bringing you stories it also affords you a copy of the book directly to your ereader device. The only condition of this arrangement being that you agree to leave a review.

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Well done Melinda on an excellent post on a difficult subject. Thank you for asking those awkward questions. Ahem indeed.

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Christian Erotica? I saw the words 'Christian Erotica' the other day and I have not been able to get those words out of my mind. I even took the time to Google these two words - that don't go together at all, in my opinion — to find out what's going on Of course, in searching the word 'erotica' nude photos appeared; I expected that.

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June and Petra are the Mother's of Christian-Erotica. In other words, a site that Christians can visit in relative safety and comfort. The idea was conceived a few years ago when we realized that the Internet was all about selling sex, but we had somehow missed the entire thing.

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I'm not talking about anything violent. I appreciate her wise and winsome response. When the apostle Paul was writing about Christian liberty in 1 Corinthianshe said everything we do should be:.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Instead, there remains a bit of a misconception that all of modern erotica is somehow similar to Fifty Shadeswith female submissives being the name of the game.

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This topic is about Aedan Sayla. Mar 05, PM. Yes, it is possible to write erotica and be a Christian. Sometimes humans have a way of forgetting that it was God who created the reality of an orgasm and all the stuff leading up to it as well as what comes after.

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Gail is a recipient of the Myers Center Award for the Study of Human Rights, and she says the scientific question of whether porn is bad for society is settled:. Furthermore, in the TIME article, Belinda Luscombe says the reason porn addicts are leaving online erotica is clear: The twenty-something males who have grown up with easy access to online porn are realizing that it has rewired their sexuality, hampering their ability to form healthy real life relationships. How pervasive is it?

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While we didn't think it could get much racier after the first three books - the author has gone one step further from Christian's view. Fifty Shades of Grey became one of the most famous novels world-wide when James dared to push the boundaries with a string of raunchy sex scenes. But it's just been beaten hands down by the new book, written from Christian Grey's perspective. The novel vamps up the erotica with a new take on THOSE scenes, from the moment Christian spanks Anastasia for the first time, to the famous tampon scene and of course the first time they have sex.


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